Top 5 gym apps to have for bros/broettes.


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This is MY top 5 apps that I feel people need or should have on their phones… if you use it in the gym like I do. With the power of smartphones, you can literally do EVERYTHING with one device. So here are my top apps really in no particular order. Some are very handy and are very functional and some are just for fun.

1. Evernote. Price: FREE

I use evernote to keep track of my workouts. I have evernote downloaded on my PC and have created documents logging my specific workouts for each day of the week. This is such a handy little tool as it syncs with all digital devices that you can download it on. I currently have all workouts added to my evernote account for 4 months out. This little tool is also handy for anyone in school or working. As you can create and type up lecture notes, conference notes or what have you and you can SHARE IT WITH CLASSMATES/COWORKERS. How awesome is that? Sharing is caring people. Don’t you ever forget it.

2. MyFitnessPal. Price: FREE


I mentioned this little bugger in my previous blog post. This app is used to track your calorie intake as well as macro- and micro-nutrients. I personally use it to log my macro-nutrients daily to make sure I hit my appropriate amount of fats, carbs, and protein in grams to reach my specific goals. This app may take a little getting used to at first, but after a week, it’s a cinch. I don’t vary my meals that much so it remembers my ‘recent’ meals used so it’s literally makes life easier the more you use it. Also, MyFitnessPal already has a HUGE database of foods already stored. There pretty much is NOTHING you can’t find on this app, unless you made something homemade. Even if that is the case, people have entered homemade recipes into this database so you can use it as a rough estimate. I LOVE this app and use it on a daily basis. I suggest you all get it and ACTUALLY take the time to use it and be consistent with it. If not for micromanaging your diet, use it to understand portion sizes and how many calories there are in the foods you eat.

3. Spotify. Price: FREE

This is my go-to music player when I am working out. It doesn’t have the variety or the algorithms or whatever like Pandora does, but I personally just like it better. What makes Spotify way awesomer (yeah, thats a word the bro-dictionary) is the fact that you can search for actually albums and listen to it. So not only can you listen to music to get your SWOL on, but you can use it to catch up your favorite artist’s newest album… except my favorite artist removed her music off of Spotify. *FUCK YOU TAYLOR SWIFT. I HATE YOU. Anyway, this app is my go-to choice for music player.

4. Instagram. Price: FREE

This app is for gym selfies Obv. Not only that, but I follow people who are fit as inspiration and motivation to get my ass in shape. Yeah, Yeah. Superficial and such a douchey thing to do, but you can also think of it as progress pics too. Now I’m not condoning taking selfies at the gym with your shirt off and shit, but taking selfies or progress pics and putting them on here can potentially garner attention. This can lead to support from strangers that may be doing the same things you are or have the same goals. This can definitely foster a community and you can make friends in the process. Personally, I don’t use this app a WHOLE lot at the moment, but I plan to for progress pics and when I hit PRs during my lifts. Call me a douche, I don’t care. It’s not necessarily me being vain, but rather to show consistent progress. Plus its fun and filters are neat. GET THAT SHIT YO.

5. PicPlayPost. Price: FREE?! I paid like $2 for this app awhile ago -__-

This app is SOOOO fun and cool to use. This goes hand in hand with instragram. You can add frames and have multiple pictures AND videos within the same frame. Also, you can add background songs and have offset times to play the videos you upload to it! It’s just really neat. Google this app and take a look at it for yourself as I probably don’t use it to its full potential. Must have if you have an instagram account.


SoundCloud. Price: FREE

It was hard not putting this app into my top 5 list. Since it is another music app, and I feel Spotify is just a teeny tiny bit better, I had to leave this one out. BUT, I feel that EVERYONE should get this app along with Spotify. This app features a VAST range of music from well-known artists, up and coming artists, and artists you will probably never hear about in mainstream. That’s what I love about this app, I LOVE the more underground stuff that is on SoundCloud. I mean, don’t get me wrong I love mainstream music and all but sometimes listening to producers make beats with not lyrics is just, well, soothing. I personally love ‘Explore’ tab and I just set it to ‘ambient’. It’s super relaxing and keeps me focused, I’ve done plenty of lifting listening to ambient sounds or crazy EDM/hardcore music as well. Check it out, it’s a great little app.

Snapchat. Price: FREE

Lets be real, there is nothing better than snapchatting your best friends pics of you doing hitting PRs in the weightroom, sending douchey selfies acting like a damn clown, or just sending obscene pics in general. My friends and I are very competitive with each other and we snapchat each other a small taste of our ‘secrets’. What does that mean? For instance, one thing my group of friends are into is the use of different supplements. I like to take a snapchat of my supplements I take and send them to my friends with like a 1 second timer. They open it, see its my supplement stack but don’t know the specifics to what I am taking. They get pissed and interrogate me and ask if I know some super secret new supplement that is out on the market that will get you ALL KINDS OF JACK3D and TANN3D. I use this solely to troll my friends, and vice versa. This is a great LOLZ app and is fun to use.

Thats my list. Love it or hate it? leave a comment below. I would love to hear what apps you guys are using in regards to fitness/progress stuff.

* The Taylor Swift remark is a joke. She is NOT my fav music artist nor do I actually hate her. Although I have to admit, she makes catchy tunes. But shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone I said that. My man-card is on the line. kthxbye ❤

Shit 2 Fit. Lets get this damn thang started.


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Today, I’m going to blog about this “Shit 2 Fit” transformation I keep babbling about. I’m going to give you a rundown of basic principles that i will be using in terms of training and dieting. Remember this shit is BASIC. If you have any questions or want a more in-depth explanation, leave a comment. 

First things first…DIET

The protocol for dieting I will be utilizing is called Intermittent Fasting or (IF). The gist of this style of dieting is basically having an 8-hour window that allows for an individual to eat followed by a 16 hour fast. The fast is the more important aspect; the window of eating is basically a time guideline to make sure I hit my appropriate daily amount of macro-nutrients (protein, carbs, fats). My “window” of eating will be anywhere from 12PM-8PM or 1PM-9PM. Just as long as I make sure to fast for 16 hours, I can actually eat whenever the hell I want. The reason why I chose to incorporate IF is because of the hormonal aspect. See, my diet lately hasn’t been the cleanest and I’ve been eating whatever the hell I want; a lot of the calories I’ve been consuming have been carb sources. Well if someone consumes a lot of carbs on a daily basis, they have several insulin spikes throughout the day. Eventually these insulin spikes will cause an individual to be insulin RESISTANT, meaning that their body will ineffectively utilize the carb source as fuel and will ultimately store it as  fat. Ew.                                     Bottom line: being insulin resistance is bad new and shits on your metabolism.

Another reason why I chose to use IF instead of say, a traditional bodybuilding diet where you eat 6 meals a day is because….

For realz, I ain’t got time to be eating 6 meals a day, especially during work. That shit just ain’t feasible, at least in my lifestyle and schedule. IF style of dieting allows me to eat whenever I want, as long as there is a 16 hour fast happening. Oh, also, have you noticed that when you eat first thing in the morning your literally STARVIN’ MARVIN all day long? Yea, cuz insulin spikes. Also, the idea that eating several small meals a day will kick start your metabolism is false. There is this thing called the Thermic Effect of food (TEF). To sum it up, it means that the frequency of meals does not have any implications in increasing your metabolism. Basically what it means is that it doesn’t matter if you eat 7 small meals a day or 1 big meal a day, as long as the calorie consumption is the same, your body will use energy at the same rate to break down all the food you eat.

That’s 1/2 of the issue with eating several small meals a day. The other is, again, hormones. You know how I mentioned above that when you eat breakfast in the am you’re ready to go beast mode at lunch? That’s due to a hormone called ghrelin. This hormone is the one that induces hunger after you eat. So basically the more frequently you eat, the more ghrelin is produced, making you more hungry, which could potentially lead you to over consuming past your macro-nutrient targets.

Anyway, that is my little rant on why I will be using IF as my dieting protocol. The information I’ve given is SUPER DUPER basic and I bet you have questions regarding IF. Here is a link to a great blog that introduces people to the world of IF and what it does, how it works, and how to implement it. This blog does a WAY better job explaining it than I did here. Click Here.

COUNTING CALORIES..or more-so my macros

To piggy back off of the above information regarding IF. I am letting you know that I will be counting my macro-nutrients. I’ve come up with totals of the amount of protein, fat, and carbs in grams, I need everyday to reach my goals. I want to cut, so I’ll basically be eating in a caloric deficit from my maintenance level. Just for the noobs who don’t know, a maintenance level is a caloric total that neither makes you gain weight or lose weight. To figure this out is a lot of trial and error and having good awareness to how your body is responding. Since I want to cut fat, I will be going in around a 500 calorie deficit from my maintenance level. My fat intake will be high along with my protein intake. When cutting, or trying to lose fat, high protein will help preserve muscle and also has a good satiating effect as protein takes longer to digest. My fat intake will be high because my carbs, initially, will be SUPER low. This is again for a hormonal reset to become insulin SENSITIVE rather than RESISTANT so I can burn the carbs off as energy rather than store them as fat. Basically low carbs is to reset my metabolism to work optimally. Having a higher fat intake is actually good, especially in men. That is as long as they are healthy and active individuals of course. For someone who is obese, sedentary, and has many health ailments, keep your fats lower because we don’t’ need any coronary issues going on. But for the healthy people like me, having a high fat intake will actually increase my muscle gainzzz and help shed fat faster. the manly-man, testosterone, is synthesized from cholesterol; cholesterol comes from fat. Having more testosterone means more potential to build muscle; having more muscle means more calories are burned… cuz science.

Anyway, here is another blog from the same author as the above link talking about the importance of fat in an individuals diet. Click here.

I will be using an app called myfitnesspal to be tracking my macros/calorie intake on a daily basis. The app has a huge database of already entered products that you see at any grocery store. The scan barcode feature is amazing as I just scan the product’s barcode in myfitnesspal and it will enter all of the nutrition information so I don’t have to meticulously log everything by hand. I highly recommend this app for sure. Check it out here.


My training will consist of sort of full body workouts with different emphasis’. I will be working 4 days per week, my split being Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.. with Wednesday as a rest day. The style of lifting is HEAVY ASS WEIGHTS in a circuit style fashion. A lot of compound movements to really tax my body to promote more fat loss and muscle gain. The emphasis of workouts is like an upper/lower, push/pull, etc split. Although each workout is essentially full body, there are emphasis’ for each workout.


So, the picture I originally took ended up getting corrupted at the time of this blog. I’m too lazy at the moment to take another one. I PROMISE I WILL ON THE NEXT BLOG. Here is a pic of me about a month ago.

Short and simple. If you have any questions leave a comment.

New Year, New Me?? #Resolutions


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First and foremost, Happy New Year to you all. I hope the new year brought in a lot of enjoyment and excitement with family, friends, and loved ones. It’s been a crazy 2014 for me and I’ve definitely been through some highs and lows during this past year; I’ve been blessed with great opportunities and have experienced my share of woes as well. Its been an exciting year and to be honest, I’m glad we can finally sign of on 2014. I’m looking forward to the new adventures in 2015, whether they be good or bad.

My Current State

Alright, I have to come clean… I spent New Year’s Eve in front of my computer watching chick flicks on Netflix and drinking copious amounts of black ale. But I’m fine with that, sometimes I enjoy solitude during big occasions such as New Year’s Eve. I’m not typically an introvert, but it’s nice to just be by myself and just chill and reflect.

Anyway, I’ve spent a lot of time and energy in front of my damn computer these last two weeks of December. A lot of that time doing busy work, such as updating my resume, applying for jobs, looking for apartments, creating to do lists, etc. Since I’ve graduated a couple of weeks ago, I’ve found myself kind of overwhelmed. So, I FINALLY received my Master’s degree in a field I love. AWESOME…. now what? I’ve completed two internships, with my latest one being the most exciting and with the most learning involved. I was hoping to have received a job there as there was an opening, but that was not the case since I do not have any work experience in the field. Fine, I went in with the mindset that I wasn’t going to get the job anyway during the application process. So now, I’ve applied to several different jobs hoping to land a full-time position in a hospital setting ideally.

Trying to find a job is only one part of the issue. In my field, I have to take a national licensure exam. This exam is incredibly extensive and will probably be the hardest thing I will ever have to do in my entire life. The problem is, it’s hard to get a job without a license. You’re probably asking to yourself, “Why the f#$k is he applying for jobs if he’s not even licensed yet?” Very good question indeed. Here’s the scoop on that tidbit of information. Entry level candidates, such as myself, can apply for a temporary license to work in the field. This temporary license is pretty straight forward to obtain, just fill out some forms, send it in to the state’s department of health, and wait a week or two. With this temp license, an individual can work and treat just like an actual practitioner that is licensed for real. The only thing is you don’t get the pay that you are warranted until you actually get your license and you must have a licensed individual sign off on all of your documentation; there are probably other minor restrictions as expected as well. The problem is, for a person to apply for a temporary license, they must already have a job in line. The forms that you have to fill out to get the tem license has information in regards to who will be your overseeing supervisor to sign off on your notes and whatnot. Basically having a temp license is just like being an intern, except you get paid to work.  So, you can apply for a temp license if you have a job in order and have a supervisor that is willing to sign off on your documentation. Through my experience applying for jobs, I have found that most, if not all are looking for at least one years experience working int he field. As you can see, this catch-22 conundrum is a quite a kick in the ass and has sort of stomped all over my self-esteem a tiny bit. Though this is the way I feel my experience with applying has been, my previous supervisors during my internship says that that is not the case 100% of the time. They feel that several places are willing to give inexperienced, entry-level candidates a shot and will hire with a temp license.

Anyway, to make the long story short, it’s probably going to be hard to find a job until I get my real license. However, I’m going to keep applying and hope for the best and if I have to cobble together a couple of part-time jobs to keep an income, well that just what I’m going to have to do. I just gotta keep grinding away and wait it out until I can finally apply for a career job.

ANOTHER problem I have been dealing with is looking for an apartment. I’ve been looking all over the cities to find affordable apartments. This is frustrating as I’d like to move out from current place as I would like to relocate and finally be on my own; and technically my lease is up at the end of January. The problem is I work very part-time currently and even the cheapest apartments are out of my price range currently. So basically I’m stuck in limbo until I can get a job to get a nice paycheck so I can rent a decent apartment that isn’t located in the proverbial “Hood.” Soooo, these are my current problems I’m facing at this time. I know these problems are very minor and I sound like a privileged turd just bitching on a blog. Well I just want you to know that I am very aware that my problems are very minor and its a matter of playing the waiting game until everything falls into place. But these are MY problems that I’m facing right now; but don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to piss and moan. I’ve definitely had some good times during the process as well. I’ve spent some time catching up with friends during the holidays.  Anyway, that’s my soapbox for the day. Lets get back on track to the REAL reason for this post.


Alright, let’s get right down to it. I sucked these past couple weeks with sticking to healthy eating and an exercise regimen. What did you expect? It was the f#$%ing holidays, bro. Just kidding, that not an excuse to be a gluttonous turd, but I was anyway. Well I’m here letting you all know that I’m back on the “Get LEAN” wagon and its full steam ahead as we enter the new year. On the next blog I will post a before shot of me and kind of explain the principles and style of dieting and training I will be implementing in short detail, as I don’t want the blog post to get super lengthy and boring (like this one, LOLZ). Anywho, I’m ready to grab this New Year by the balls. I’ve made fitness/aesthetic goals which you all know about. You know, my “Shit 2 Fit” body transformation that I keep babbling about. Another thing that I have decided to incorporate this year is to start acting like a grown ass man and start learning new skillzz. I want to learn to cook, cuz girlz. Chicks dig a dude who can cook, right? Well that’s what Martha Stewart keeps telling me. On a serious note, being able to cook is a great skill to have/learn. I mean it does a lot for a person. It keeps the mind sharp, it expresses creativity, and it can facilitate a social environment. I’d love to have dinner parties and shit like that when I grow up and become a big boy with a big boy job and big boy problems. I also want to venture out in the cities more and experience the culture that is literally right at the front of my doorstep. I’ve been a hermit lately due to spending all of my time grinding through school, internships, and lifting heavy ass weights and playing video games… you know, doing BroNerd shit. Anyway, that’s all I had in mind in terms of New Year’s Resolutions. I’ll go more in-depth in future posts with the specifics.

Alright, that’s all I have to ramble on about today. I apologize I haven’t blogged sooner. I’ll try my best to do these thingies once a week. Until the next post, enjoy the New Year and lets crush 2015 and make it our bitch. kthxbye ❤

P.S – Check out my homegirl Mia Lourdes’ blog. We both have decided that learning new skills and venturing outside of our comfort zone is something we will both partake in during this new year. Like I said previously, she’s a pretty open book and she tries to post once a week as well. Go over to her blog and give her some lovins, yo. Tell her Trainypooh sent you and harass her to blog more 😉

So, a little about me. (Part 2)


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OHai. Welcome Back ❤

Well hello there ,fancy seeing you all again. I’m glad to see I haven’t bored you all with my tangential and otherwise insignificant rants…. yet. Anyway, I’m back with another update of just who the f#ck I am.

First things first, I am someone that has some time on my hands for blogging, before real life starts to creep up on me and I have to act like an adult (at least in public and social settings anyway). I am 26 years old and I have JUST graduated college last Thursday.

What did you study in duh school?

Woah bro, relax. I was getting to that. I have recently received my Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. What is occupational therapy you ask? Google it. I don’t have time to explain in great detail because it will deter the focus away from, well, me. Anyway, so I recently graduated and have obtained my Master’s degree and last week Friday I have finished my last day of internships. My internships have been great and I’ve met a lot of truly inspiring and professional people. I am excited to take on this new adventure and start my career as an occupational therapist.

Now that I passed school, I have to devote time and grind away studying for my national licensure exam, which will be the hardest thing I will ever have to do in my life. This beast of a test is 4+ hours long and costs a whopping $500. I better pass this damn thing on my first try :/

So basically taking a month or so to study for this test, applying for jobs, and getting jacked and tan are the only things given priority for the first half of the new year. It will be nice to bring home a nice paycheck so I can stop being a full-time stay-at-home son.


Hmm, what else do you want to know about me? I’m of mixed race. I’m half Korean, 1/4 Japanese, Swedish and Norwegian. I am from the Midwest. I love craft beer and weightlifting. I enjoy playing video games and reading on my downtime (but this will always take a backseat to my social life). Basically, I’m your basic 26-year-old college kid that recently graduated; Looking for a place in society and on the verge of obtaining a career. Oh, and I’m single. *HMU ladies if interested 😉

Anyway, I’m gonna keep this blog post short and sweet. You now have a little information about me. Oh just so you all know, I just took a ‘before’ pic of me for my “Shit 2 Fit” transformation. I will post it on the next blog post. Today I officially start the transformation. So for cereal, I gotta go now; gonna go lift some heavy ass weights and not be a fatty over Christmas break.

I’ll keep everyone posted on a weekly schedule so stay tuned for more. Until then, stay sexy and have a Merry Christmas, or whatever you believe in 🙂

* If you don’t know what HMU means, it means “hit me up.” Get gud at English, bro

So, a little about me. (Part 1)


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Why did you start to blog?!

Honestly? Out of boredom. Another reason was because I wanted to blog about my upcoming “Shit 2 Fit” body transformation. I figure this would be a fun way to keep me accountable and keep me on track of my goals. Oh, and also to include you guys into my life <3. You’ll get a small glimpse of who I am, what I’m about, and my beliefs on many different things. Getting back to the point, I mainly created this blog from getting the idea from a friend. This friend of mine has her own blog and she writes about anything and everything that is on her mind; with most of the things on her mind being Disney related stuffz (which is okay in my book because I had a huge crush on Belle from Beauty and the Beast… I don’t care who you are and what you have to say, Belle is HAWT).  Yeah, I said it. I’m a grown ass man I happen to think Disney stuff is fantastic only cuz of my childhood (and possibly current) crush on Belle. COME AT ME BRO!

I digress… Anyways, she didn’t directly tell me to blog about my life and my fitness endeavors, but it kind of happened organically through casual conversation via text. She was asking me for advice in regards to getting in shape and I gave her some pointers and whatever. Then it came to me; even though I have experience with fitness, weightlifting, and counting macros to manipulate my diet, I kind of let myself get lax in those areas. In other words, I could talk the talk but I wasn’t walking the walk. I could tell people all day how to workout, the frequency in which to workout, basic dieting principles and all that jazz; the issue was I wasn’t practicing what I was preaching. If there is one thing I hate in this world, it’s people that talk shit and can’t ever back it up.

So this was my reality check. I needed to get my shit together. I decided to get my ass back in shape; and chase that dream of having a six pack. (Just an FYI, I came close to a 6 pack two summers ago. I had a solid 4 pack and on the cusp of obtaining that elusive six pack. And I was looking HOT… like “HOLY SHIT” hot). So after talking with my friend about blogging and fitness,  I thought to myself, “Oh shit, I should blog about my body transformation and have before pics and after pics and all that and people will read my blog and support meh!” Then I quickly decided that was a dumb ass idea… but I still did it anyway, because I am MAN and I don’t think before I act. So I decided to ask her about her blogging platform and the basics to get started. With her help with the blogging thingies and my helping her with the fitness thingies, we both have decided we are going to blog about our fitness journeys together! :D.  Ya know, cuz “Teamwork makes the dream work!” – Jesus.

I don’t give a shit how you started blogging, TELL ME MOAR ABOUT YOUR FRIEND AND HER BLOGZZZZZ!

Chill bro. I gotchu Bae ❤

Anyway, her name is Mia Lourdes and she is a pretty awesome person. She blogs about Disney, video games, love and life… you know… all that sappy shit girlz like. JK, but seriously, she is a good blogger with insightful blog posts. She talks about everyday things that people go through but might not air out to other people. She is honest with herself and with her readers and she shares a lot of her life with her readers.

Here is a link to her Blog. Follow her and support her as she completes her own body transformation journey! Tell her Trainypooh sent you and that she better post more often. 😉


So real quick back to me. I’m not new to working out or dieting. I’ve done it pretty much most of my adult life. I have 15 plus years experience and am a self-proclaimed ‘gym rat.’ I was a three sport athlete in high school, playing football, basketball, and ran track. Working out was all I ever knew how to do. Since those days, I’ve worked out steady. Lately, I’d say within the last 3 years, I have been interested a little bit in the natural bodybuilding scene. Just to clarify, I would never compete because I don’t quite have the motivation and mental tenacity to stick to such strict diet plans and I’m really not about that life. I would, however, like to be absolutely shredded just once in my life just to say that I did it. Well folks, this is me partaking on that journey. I’m 26 now and figure I better hop on this damn lean train before I get too damn old to do it. Also, I have motivation because I would like to get a tattoo on my 27th birthday. Of what you ask? I don’t know yet. Where would I get it? Not sure. The fact is, I don’t want an awesome tattoo all stretched out on a fat shit body. I wanna be rock solid so the tat looks SEXAY. Nom Sayin’? I know… I’m vain and shallow. I’m just a bro, doing bro things I guess. Learn 2 deal.

How did you learn to workout and diet?

By reading and through observing others in the gym. I’ve learned a lot of good and bad methods over the years. I’ve had a 3 year subscription to Muscle & Fitness magazine where I would analyze and soak in as much information as I could with each monthly magazine. I learned the basics of training splits, nutrition timing, etc. through those magazines. Very good tool for beginners I would say, but as you become more experienced, don’t  use fitness magazines. They just recycle information and the workouts in them are cookie cutter and not tailored to the individual.  Also, I had a lot of friends that played college football. I would frequently ask them about their nutritional habits and have tried out my college’s football workouts when I got my hands on them through my football friends.

Lately, within the last 2 years, I’ve been reading a lot of research articles and famous personal trainer blogs regarding evidence-based practices that work in regards to fitness and healthy living. I’ve learned the importance of evidence-based practice through my time as a graduate student. My coursework and cirriculum taught me the importance of researched backed information and how to find this information in current literature. Through this, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge of how the whole body and all it’s systems work together and how they can be manipulated efficiently for optimal fat-loss and muscle gain. I’m not going to go into the sciencey stuff in this post. Perhaps it would be good content for a future post 🙂

Sooooo on that note, I’m gonna end this blog post here. Now you know why I started to blog and a little bit about my background with fitness related stuff and how I obtained my knowledge base. I will make another post highlighting my personal life, like what I’m going to graduate school for, who I am and all that.

I promise on the next one or two blogs, I’ll upload my “before” pictures so you have an idea of where I’m starting at in terms of this transformation (and to see how ridiculously good looking I am). If you want to know anything specific or just want to drop by and say hi, please leave a comment! I’d love to hear back from you all 🙂

Alright folks I’m going to head to bed now…. until next time friends! 😀

Welcome to the random shit show that is my blog. Glad to have you <3


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Hello, my name is Trainypooh and I’m an alcoholic…. oh shit, wrong place =/

For cereal tho, this blog will incorporate many different aspects of my life; Examples of potential blog topics will include, but not limited to: fitness related stuffz, my body transformation (basically getting ripped and looking AWESOME naked), my adventures of being a graduate student, my journey into the real world as I apply for a big boy job, nerdy shit, my dating life (which is absent because apparently chicks dig dudes that shower on a regular basis) and any other random stuff that is on my mind at the time.

“But wait, I know nothing about you. Why should I read your blog?”

Because I’m awesome, that’s why. Also because I will try to make this blog more interesting and more suited for my sense of humor (which is dirty and brash and that of a 12 year old). I’m a bro, closet nerd, and I have been told I have narcissistic tendencies… which is bullshit, because awesome people like me do not bother with opinions of plebeians like those clowns with said opinions.

Anywho, I do a lot of trolling on a daily basis. I’m pretty witty… which make people weary of me as they cant’ tell if I’m giving them shit or if I am serious. I will try to do these damn posts semi-frequently as time allows. My initial series of blogs being my upcoming body transformation titled ‘From Shit to Fit’ (aren’t I clever? I actually stole this from Chris Jones, founder of Physiques of Greatness. Youtube him if you don’t know who that is.) will be dropping rather soon; sometime mid-week hopefully.

That’s it. That’s all I have to say right now. Oh, I should probably write a post that is more in-depth of who I am so you all know a little more about me eh? Will do 🙂


P.S. I was kidding about not taking showers. I’m clean and I smell good… ALWAYS

TLDR: Hello, it’s nice to meet you. I blog about stuff. Read my blog pl0x. More to come.